Thursday, 26 July 2012

Hello my dear friends,

Hope you are all doing well.After having gone through my personal notes of the training,i have actually observed, that the training has eventually transformed my way of working.It has been a transit from manual web use to a more practical and positive change.
During the 5 days fom 9th to 13th july, we went through 11 expanded lessons which included:
Google advanced search which made searching become so specific and focussed providing appropriate information.The google alert is one of the efficient way to get instant news of your liking.Alongwith the use of wikis which give us the opportunity to edit and discuss things,enabling the contribution of each and every one.The RSS feeds which give access to new contents without having to search manually is simply practical and enriching for professionals in any field.
Without forgetting about the google docs,giving the opportunity to work collectively in a  structured manner at the same time is so perfect for team working.lessons on VoIP,skype,google chat,twitter have enhanced my knowledge about quality communication via web.Blogging has been a superb experience, i have learned something fruitful and i am going to use it constructively in my career,study and perhaps in a future business,enhancing my personal evolution.Google map has made my life easier,providing the possibility to explore.Social networking,linkedin, facebook and Imark has led me to a more professional level which made me experience an increasing active interaction.
Heartful thanks to my tutors,Mr K.Boodhoo,Mr S.Sembhoo and Nawsheen also,who encouraged us at every step and made learning so pleasant and special thanks to CTA.I felt more ambitious and resourceful after the training,thanks to their clear and lively lectures.I had a very nice time sharing and interacting with other trainees.It was not only a learning opportunity for me but an enhancing factor favouring my professional and personal development.

Wednesday, 11 July 2012


Web 2.0 allows quicker and more flexible communication between users and proved to be more practical and has led to a practice change.
I have personally perceived web 2.0 as a transfer of innovation program and learned  what type of web tool or application and what positive changes i could bring to my style of work via web. This training has made me more effective as a daily user of the new innovative web tools. There are a number of tools which i have learned to use for an enriching future not only at my workplace but also individually.
This training has offered me a unique approach that has helped me to use web 2.0 constructively enabling me to:

·     Be faster, flexible and more efficient in my work and save time in moments of crisis
·     Work collaboratively and within specified framework
·     To avoid messy confusions of documents split everywhere while working in a team, therefore providing clarity,  precision and efficiency 
·     Get and share information on a wider level, in a quicker way, leading to a higher  connectivity level and provided many more advantages so far.

The trainers have always been very patient in explanation and concrete examples have been provided for easier understanding, which made their mode of working outstanding.Accompanying us with their great sense of humor, learning has been a pleasure.

The lovely and friendly participants being mostly of agricultural field have shared their knowledge to a great extent with me,which will definitely help me enormously,as a journalist to write a genuine article on the subject matter.The class is really energetic.


The definition and defense of community became a compelling preoccupation of post-war political campaigns on the island. However, this communalism misunderstood and condemned by Imperial social science as a political or even antithetical to politics - concealed a political culture of considerable flexibility and pragmatism.Students of political science at UOM strive to set up a refreshing fair community.